Suzette Foster Meditation Experience

Creating Inner Peace

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Relaxing HammockSpiritual newbies, spiritual regulars, inner-peace wannabes, your life is about to get a lot easier.

Join in-person, via teleconference or listen to the recording. Meditation events are weekly.

Stressed? Worried? Life too chaotic? Let Suzette Faith Foster help you as she has helped hundreds of clients, class participants, and readers of her book, Calling Back Your Power, and listeners of her CDs. Want to leave chaos and choose peace, to release worry and embrace faith, to let go of controlling life and, instead, to allow in ease and blessings?

Already in a good place? Then join us to strengthen your feel-good vibes and to be of service to God/Light in creating a powerful energy grid that supports the spiritual awakening of mankind.

Our purpose for this gathering is to meditate, learn and create a grid to help usher in A New Earth consciousness for ourselves and others. This consciousness is the spiritual mindset that helps us feel empowered as we connect more to the Divine, feel lighter and assured that we are on the right path of creating more day-to-day peace and feel proud of ourselves that we are navigating through (or avoiding) challenges.


  • Feel less stressed in the busyness.
  • Feel more present in your daily routine.
  • Open yourself up to more intuition.
  • Feel the transformative healing energies wash over and through you.
  • Move from the struggle to ease and wellness in relationships, money, business, and inner transformation .
  • And,  know you are loved, appreciated and mentored by a woman who walks her talk daily.
  • In the short teachings and Q&A, gain teachings, tools and ways of being that give you more calm in your day, energy for activities and exercise, comfort and mobility in your body, likelihood to sleep through the night, and the desire to set healthy boundaries. Meditation changes you on many levels, helping you become less reactive so other people and situations don’t push your buttons so easily and to be more patient on your way to wellness.

Feeling Good


  • Reduce or Dissolve the egoic thinking that keeps you stuck.
  • Be part of a global movement to affect positive change in yourself and humanity.
  • From this group, we are seeking to build a core group of people who may be interested in developing a spiritually-based, conscious and sustainable community and wellness center, most likely in the North Carolina mountains.

Flexible Options to Participate

  • Via teleconference call,
  • In person,
  • Or listen to the recording at a convenient time for you.

Allow 90 minutes per event, depending on your questions, it may be less.

Suzette is truly an inspirational teacher, gifted sound healer, humble servant. The power, sacredness, and beauty of Suzette’s meditations always leave me with a deep sense of peace, acceptance, and inner strength. There is depth and power in her offerings which truly bless and support body, mind, and soul and her uplifting and practical wisdom teachings support my journey in such beautiful ways! Thank you, Suzette!

E.H. Raleigh NC

Suzette Faith Foster


In Raleigh, NC or via teleconference:

Every Tuesday 8-9:30 pm ET.

If these times conflict with your schedule, please consider the replay.

Always check your email in case there has been a change due to vacation or emergency.

In Carrboro, NC, you can join Suzette at Oasis in Carr Mill:

The 4th Thursday of each month. If a holiday conflicts please check the calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: No sign up is required for these events.  Just turn up.  Any questions, please call Oasis on 919 904-734.

Oasis in Carr Mill Mall
200 N Greensboro St Suite A5
Carrboro, NC 27510
Tel: 919 904-7343
(behind Weaver St Market and inside Carr Mill Mall between Elmo’s and Cafe Symmetry)


RALEIGH (North Raleigh), NC. Directions or call-in numbers, (the same # will be used for each call), will be forthcoming with registration.

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