July 17, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Held at Unity Church of Raleigh
5124 Departure Dr
Raleigh, NC 27616
$10 or more Love Offering for use of church.
Suzette Faith Foster

Ongoing Deepening & Clearing Meditation Event  | Teachings and Q&A, Energy Healing & Transmissions, and Guided Meditation Experiences | In-Person or Call-In or Replay

 Are you ready for an easier life, for more inner peace and to take your spiritual practice to the next level? Are you ready to commit? If so, let Suzette be your guide and holder of sacred space for this transformation. To truly change your outside, first change your inside. This program supports you in dissolving the egoic, reactive mind, thus improving your life while raising your consciousness.

Humanity is, individually and collectively, at a great crossroad. Let’s create a path for peace and ease. Suzette was intuitively guided as part of her path of service to create this meditative/transformative experience — we are more powerful in numbers — to help folks and the collective awaken more fully to the Truth of their Being.

Suzette is truly an inspirational teacher, gifted sound healer, humble servant. The power, sacredness, and beauty of Suzette’s meditations always leave me with a deep sense of peace, acceptance, and inner strength. There is depth and power in her offerings which truly bless and support body, mind, and soul and her uplifting and practical wisdom teachings support my journey in such beautiful ways! Thank you, Suzette!    ~ E.H. Raleigh NC

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED ONCE. The program is Suzette’s gift to you, though we ask for a suggested Love Offering of $10 or more per person to thank the church for this space.  For more information and to register use the button below.

Then, watch for an email with complete info in it–location or call-in/replay information. Regular reminder emails with this information will be sent to you.

LOCATION: 5124 DEPARTURE DR. RALEIGH, NC.  This is at Unity Church of Raleigh. Park along the right side of the building or out back. Enter through back side door.

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