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Do you want an easier, healthier and happier life? Great, because my passion is to help you deepen your connection to your innate power and to embrace the “All” that you truly are—mind, body and spirit. As you do, you can learn to let go of the old, negative programming and false beliefs. In doing so, you’ll allow in more peace, passion and purpose while enjoying more health, energy and prosperity. I have experienced, personally and with clients, impressive emotional, health, relationship and financial results when integrating spiritual consciousness, the universal laws of quantum physics and energy healing. I invite you to take some time to enjoy this informative website and my many offerings and step further into an empowering way of living and being.

My individual (in-person or distance) sessions offer you a profound opportunity to optimize your potential for wellness. If you are new to holistic healing, I invite you to be open to what you may not fully understand as you contemplate your treatment choices.

This web site and I are here for you, to help you “remember” who you really are—pure energy, pure spirit and pure potential. It is my passion to support folks on their journey to wholeness.  You can experience the same principles and healing techniques that I used for my own miraculous recovery. I had the same injury as Christopher Reeve; we both stopped breathing and were fully paralyzed. Even though regaining my breath and my full recovery perplexes traditional medicine, my recovery is the demonstration of the powerful healing capacity of mind, body and spirit. It affirms that no matter the severity of any health or life challenge, we have within us the potential for renewal and wholeness.

With compassion, I acknowledge those who did not survive spinal cord injury and those currently living with it. In their memory and for all of humanity, it is my intention to make a dramatic impact toward wholeness for all.

I am dedicated to working with people who are committed to making real and lasting changes in their lives through non-invasive, health-enhancing options. In a healthy body, life-force energy circulates freely and abundantly. The Chinese refer to the life force as chi or qi. Hindus call it prana. Greeks know it as pneuma. The Japanese refer to it as ki, and Christianity calls it spiritus.

Blocks to this flow may manifest in emotional or physical ways, or both. Blocks show up as pain, chronic health issues, a life-threatening illness, a complicated disease, “accidental” injuries, emotional and relationship issues, or financial challenges. On the path to wellness, the most beneficial results occur when both energy healing and life coaching sessions are integrated.  Many clients shift their symptoms, including but not limited to, pain, depression, cancer, addiction, disease and arthritis. Many avoid costly medical treatment and surgery. Some people dramatically shift from a survival mode to being a healthier, empowered person, hopeful and excited to embrace life. With an open mind, your possibilities are infinite!

The Universe is really cool. My birth name is Suzette Faith Foster. And now, I foster people’s faith.  I am looking forward to connecting with you and being an integral part of your path to wellness.

I am an energetic and sound holistic healer, certified Reiki Master, ordained minister, life coach, motivational speaker and author of Calling Back Your Power. I have studied with renowned sound healers Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon. I also enjoy dancing, yoga, biking, hiking, and connecting and having fun with my two adult daughters and my life and laughing partner—my husband Bill Mosher. My great appreciation for Mother Earth and the environment has led me to work with the Humpback Whales and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Important Note:
I am sharing the information that I have learned and/or experienced with clients on this web site to assist you in making your own informed decisions. I am offering safe, non-invasive options to achieve optimal health. I am facilitating and holding space for you and your body to return to wellness. I am not a doctor—though I am a wellness practitioner who knows how the body works and am able to offer energetic rebalancing—and in no way should anyone consider that I am practicing medicine. My work is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice from your doctor or other qualified licensed professional. I have made a conscious effort to only present information that is both accurate and truthful.

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