About Suzette Foster

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Are you struggling with Chronic Illness or Stress?

Have you been trying to manage your condition with medications, but not getting the relief and healing you desire?

Would you like to innately know how to handle the difficult times in your life - emotionally, spiritually and physically?

Do you want to experience more joy and inner peace, and live an easier, happier, healthier life?

Are you finally ready and willing to heal?


Suzette Faith Foster offers you hope, motivation and guidance in your healing process through her step-by-step Mind, Body and Spirit processes that can be used to help heal diseases like Cancer and Addiction, and relieve conditions like Anxiety and Stress. People who follow her guidelines have the opportunity to accelerate their healing process and experience the benefits of a dramatically improved quality of life! Suzette can help you to reassess your beliefs about your ability to heal.  She can be your guide to unlocking the potential within you, to opening the doors to living a life of health, energy, and joy.  Her students report results including healing and freedom from illness and exhaustion, not needing to have surgery, improved relationships, having vitality, clarity of mind, a deepened sense of spiritual connection, and a much greater enjoyment of life.

About Suzette

Read about Suzette’s story of her own miraculous healing from an accident that “should” have left her dead, or paralyzed.


Working with Suzette guides you to your own healing and to the life you truly desire! Learn about some of the powerful and life-changing programs that she offers.

Suzette Foster Speaking


Suzette’s passion is to inspire others to realize and live their inherent greatness. Schedule Suzette to deliver one of her uplifting talks to your group.


Filled with Suzette’s personal story and real life stories from her clients, Calling Back Your Power will teach you the keys to Personal freedom.


Meet Suzette: Messages, Books Signings & Movie Showings

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Suzette Faith Foster – featured in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Thanksgiving Special and being screened in 400 theaters May 2016

I Hope You Dance

The Power and Spirit of Song

The film’s producers were searching the internet for stories that related to Lee Ann Womack’s song “I Hope You Dance.” They wanted a miracle story where that song was pertinent and discovered Suzette and her experiences. Suzette had “just happened” to include lyrics from the song on her website in the introduction to her book, Calling Back Your Power: “Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance… I hope you dance.”

Read all about Suzette’s experience